The De Rune Legacy

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The De Rune Legacy is the first chapter of the game and also is an introduction to the game controls. The De Rune Legacy is also the title of the first achievement of the 35 Steam Achievements.

Amicia and her father, Knight Robert De Rune, visit an autumn forest, which is part of the land, her father has to watch over.

The tutorial introduces the player to the game with mini quests, where the first is to shoot six rotten apples from a tree with the sling. To use the sling, Amicia has to collect some rocks first.

After that, their dog, Lion, starts to be excited about something, so Amicia has to run after him. The player will get an introduction about, how to run even faster and how to get over obstacles. Lion suddenly stops and Amicia and her father can spot a wild boar on a clearing. Amicia then must crouch through the tall grass to stay hidden until she is close enough to hit the boars head.

Unfortunately, although the boar was hit, he recovers and runs away. Lion and Amicia follow it through the forest, but Amicia is much slower than the dog, so he runs ahead.

The changing light of the forest soon brings forebodings of the dark story, which will follow, and gives an introduction to the sinister devilry, which ill befall the land, when Amicia finds the meanwhile half-rotten boar on the ground.

She can hear her suffering dog not far away, who seems to have gone stuck inside of a hole. The girl tries to help Lion, but only can watch in terror, how Lion is dragged inside, while he's eaten alive. Her father arrives to keep her away from the hole.

Find Beatrice in Hugo's Quarters
The game title follows, and after that, Amicia and her father arrive home. He orders Amicia, that she needs to find her mother Beatrice in Hugo's Quarters.

In the yard, Amicia can overhear some workers, who are talking about the English and people bitten at night. She then orders a man named Theo to see her father as soon as possible and to also tell the other workers.

In a backyard, Amicia can train her aim a bit more on some old jugs. In the church, it is possible to pray for Lion.

Inside the house, Amicia can overhear more talk of the housemaids, who also talk about people bitten in the village and the rumour about "vampires". On her way through the house, Amicia can find spices, which are rare and only found in houses of nobility.

Amicia can find her mother in her room, but when she approaches her, her mother is cold and reserved. The conversation is stopped by the sounds of arriving riders. Her mother leaves and Amicia is told to watch Hugo. Amicia's first task is, to find Hugo.

Find Hugo
Amicia must now walk through the room and look where the boy is. Once she finds him, he hardly seems to know her, although both are siblings. Amicia (against her mother's order) then watches what is going on outside, where the riders are interrogating her father about his son's whereabouts. Her father is murdered, when he defies to answer. The riders from the inquisition break into the room and Amicia and Hugo must sneak around them, so they can't be caught. The finally meet their mother again, who'll help them flee the house.

Follow Beatrice

Hugo must not be let alone, or he'll attract enemies in the area.
The sling's sound will attract enemies. Amicia also can throw projectiles by hand to avoid the sound of the sling.
Throw projectiles at metal objects, they can be used to divert enemies.
Pick up pots and throw them to divert enemies with them.
Hugo can sneak through thight spaces.

At some point, the three will meet Lambert, who is the caretaker for the De Rune estate, and he'll help them to move on. Beatrice tells about Father Laurentius, and that he is able to help Hugo. At this point, Lord Nicholas, the inquisitor appears and Beatrice sacrifices herself to give he children a chance to escape.

Escape the Inquisitor The children must run for their lives until they can reach the river.

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